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A Very Long Thanksgiving

November 25, 2007

This year we decided to spend thanksgiving in South Dakota with Jenns family. Jenn, Spackle and I left for Sioux Falls Thursday morning and went to dinner at Jenns grandmas that evening. On Friday Jenn and I left around noon to go shopping and left Spackle at her brothers house where we spent the night. Later that day around 5PM we got a call from Jenns sister In-law, someone had left the door open and Spackle ran away; In the middle of the city, at the beginning of rush hour, two blocks away from an interstate. Jenn and I drove back and started looking for him. We searched until 2am without any luck. We went inside and made a flier and spent two hours posting a hundred of them around town.

Dead tired, we slept for maybe two hours and went back to searching and posting fliers until the sun came up. Once 8am rolled around we went to the shelters and animal clinics to see if maybe someone had found him. No one had. We went back to searching. Finally around 4pm (23 hours after he ran away) animal control called, they had him in custody. We picked him up and he was in pretty rough shape so we took him to the vet and they fixed him up with some bandages and a new collar

Spackle’s pretty pissed about the cone; I figure itís a good punishment for running away.

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