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August 8, 2008

Jenn and I went on vacation to Seattle last month. Jenn has a lot of family in Seattle so we were able to stay with her aunt for free which really helped keep the cost down. we took an Amtrak train there and flew back. the train actually cost a little more than the plane but my parents had already planned to take the train to Glacier Park so we took the same one to Seattle.

It took 38 hours to get there but there was a lot to see so it turned out to be pretty fun. Once we were in Seattle, we spent a few days walking around the city. I’ve grouped the things I found interesting into this picture:

After that Jenn’s cousin Sarah took us on a two day trip to Victoria BC. Victoria is on a peninsula so the easiest way to get there is via ferry. We went north from Seattle, crossed into Canada, took a ferry south to Victoria where we stayed overnight, took another ferry south to the US, drove south to Tacoma and then north back to Seattle.

The best part of our trip was going to Mount St. Helens with Jenn’s aunt and uncle. On our way there we stopped at the “Charles Bingham Forest Learning Center.” Standing outside the learning center there was a forester giving a little speech so we decided to stop and listen. As we were listening this lady walked up next to us, she stood with us as the forester explained how after the eruption in 1980 the government sold off all the destroyed lumber. Then right in the middle of his next sentence this lady interrupted by saying in a real bitchy tone “they should have left those trees right where they were, the greedy corporations just pressured the government into selling them so they could rape the environment.” It was at that moment that I realized that this lady was a actually a guy, I was just thrown off by his long ponytailed hair. This led me to realize that I was in the presence of a real live hippie. I was shocked, I’d never seen one in real life before. I thought about peeing on his shoes or maybe kicking him down the mountain but decided instead to see what he would do next.

When he was finished with his BS environmental rant he went inside, Jenn and I followed him. We made sure to maintain a safe distance because once indoors he kind of smelled like swiss cheese. He pretty much went straight through the learning center over to the information desk where he wrote on something and then left.

I went to investigate and found this:

I’m sure you can’t read it in the picture (and I want the search engines to pick it up) so here it is typed out

Name City, State / Country # In Your Party Comments
Macke Family Ojai CA 4 What a crock of crap! Pro Business Pro $ Profit only

The way he signed it makes it seem like he had his family along but I didn’t see anybody with him. Maybe they found an opportunity to ditch his stinky ass.

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