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Ainsworth Christmas Party

December 19, 2004

Last night was the Ainsworth (Potlatch) Christmas party, they held it at Fortune Bay casino off in some golf clubhouse. It went from 6PM-1AM and here is a picture of it

After the party was over I went to the casino until 4AM. In that three hour block of time I did quite a bit. I put one dollar in a slot machine and lost it, then I put another dollar in and and was able to play off of it for at least half an hour and ended up with 3.85. Then I took 45 dollars to the blackjack table. I spent about two hours there, the lowest I was down was $35 but in the end I left the table with 52.50. So altogether I made… um, let me see
hahahahaha that’s right 9.35 for three hours of hard work!!! that works out to almost 3.12 an hour!!!
finally, I was ready to go home, when I realized that I had lost my keys. Turns out I left them in the clubhouse thingy. By the time I got my keys, had the car warmed up and got home it was 6AM. Which happens to be the time I usually get up to go to work, realizing that, I know that if I got to bed now it will throw everything out of whack. Sooooo knowing that the longest that I am able to sleep is thirteen hours, I’ve decided to go to bed at 4PM. That means I’ll be getting up at 5AM and then everything should be nifty.

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