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Ice Rain

March 3, 2005

This last week was just great, Jenn came up on Friday to stay for the weekend but then Sunday came along and it did the whole ice rain thing so when it came time for her to leave she only made it about 10 miles before she turned around. So she called into work and told them she wasn’t going to make it, cause even if she did continue on she would of only been able to go about 20MPH so she wouldn’t of made it home until the end of her shift anyway. But all that worked out pretty well cause she had two more days off after Monday so she was able to stay until Thursday morning.
Now, she was here during the week but I still needed to go to school and work, so Monday she just stayed at the apartment then Tuesday I brought her to class with me and then I went to work solo, later that night when I got home from work I found out that she can cook cause when I stepped into the apartment there was dinner and it was SOOOOO good. Then on Wednesday she stayed at the apartment again while I went to skool and then she left on Thursday.
Aside from Jenn, On Monday I went on a field trip to check out a company in St. Cloud to see if I might want to work there… which I don’t. So now I am currently searching/applying for jobs in and around the cities, that’s all the info I have for now.

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