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Long Drive

March 6, 2005

Ok, right now its Sunday and its 5:15pm today I am going to Sioux Falls but instead of taking highway 35 all the way down to the bottom of the state then across on highway 90 I opted to go see my aunt Mary and uncle Jeff in Ortonville MN this required me to weasel my way diagonally through Minnesota until, that is, I left Ortonville after that I took a highway 15 in south Dakota which put me onto highway 29 which is where I am nowÖ. Let me tell you a little something about roads in south Dakota they are SO straight that I am able to type this entry onto my laptop, listen to music at 5 billion decibels and drink a pop, all while barreling 80MPH down the straightest interstate in the world. I swear to you people if it wasnít for the other people on the road, I would be able to set the cruise control and take an hour long nap and still be going straight as an arrow when I woke upÖ I mean seriously, I havenít touched the wheel in 3 minutes and the car hasnít moved even an inch off its path. So yea, I’m out of stuff to write about but I still have another 51 miles to go on this dam road so Iím just gonna start listing stuff I see as fast as I can type them.
The road
A mile marker
A lake
A clump of trees
A billboard
A deer crossing sign
An exit 127 sign
Iím gaining on a Subaru outback
Some guy with a flat tire (ha-ha)
Iím on a bridge
Iím off the bridge
A big long fence to hold in the cows I guess
Just passed the Subaru
Getting passed by a Taurus now
Mile marker 126
Mudd puddle
Tracks into the ditch
Lady in the Taurus not using cruise cause I just passed her back
Look for ice on bridge sign
No ice on this bridge
Highway patrol guy
Rest area one mile
Passing an old Chevy impala now
Passing the rest area
Mile 122
Another bridge
Another yield sign
Lady in the Taurus just passed me again
A big field
A cow
Wait like 50 cows
Now it smells
Going under a bridge
MY car is slowing down cause Iím going up a hill
Mile 119
Dead raccoon
Dial 511 FOR INFO sign
Another small lake
Being passed by a ford focus from Nebraska, they seem to be enjoying the nasty cow smell
Mile 116
Exit 114
The Taurus lady is taking exit 114
Yield sign
Sioux falls 33 miles
Time is 5:42
I am now bored of typing and my back kind of hurts. Iím hungry, HEY while its on my mind, what the hell is E-85 gas I went to a Cenex in Ortonville and all they had was super unleaded (which is expensive) and E-85 (or something like that) and I donít know what that is. Thatís itÖ Iím done typing, bye bye, TTFN

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