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March 11, 2005

I realized today that when I move out of Eveleth I will be losing my Mediacom webspace which is really no big problem for me because wherever I get my internet from next will host my site no skin off my teeth. the problem is that every time I change internet providers I will be given a new address for my website, which means I have to keep making you people update your bookmarks, which sucks. so what I have done is bought the rights to the domain “ajcrazyo.com” (for a mere $4.95) and set it up to forward to any given web address. So when you type “ajcrazyo.com” into your web browser it will forward you onto whoever is hosting my site. Today its Mediacom, in a couple of months it could be Comcast and there may even be some time when I don’t have internet at all and will have to host my site at geocities(yahoo) or angelfire(lycos) but in ANY event the address “ajcrazyo.com” WILL direct you to my webpage.

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