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Smashing Pumpkins

November 2, 2005

Since Halloween is over, our pumpkins decided it was time to rot, so I threw them out on the fire escape.

As you can see, my pumpkin is pissed off about the whole situation, which is fine. Jenns pumpkin on the other hand just sat there with that retarded look on its face, which is not fine… So I destroyed it.

Besides the whole pumpkin thing, we went on a trip up to Virginia to visit Tara and laugh at the sorry excuse of a teacher they got to replace her. After that I went out and had Chinese with my mom for her birthday , and to celebrate, I let her pay. then I drove up to Potlatch to visit the people I used to work with, because they’re so cool. While I was there I made some color copies, without any consent or permission I might add. Just goes to show that all the passwords and firewalls in the world can’t stop someone from walking in and making five dozen full page color copies. HAHAHA

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