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Heating My Apartment

November 16, 2005

What an eventful day so far!!! I woke up this morning to a FREEZING cold apartment and I had to run to the school to do some minor repairs. On the way to one of the classrooms I saw this hanging on the wall

Now I’m not an expert or anything but when a second grader in a Christian school puts that much emphasis on the word “KILL” I think that’s a student everyone should keep their eye on.
ANYWAY, like I was saying, it was FREEZING cold in the apartment and the radiators weren’t even on, I was so pissed, so before I left for the school I turned on the oven and strategically placed my fans to warm the place up. I got back an hour later and the kitchen was nice and hot but the rest of the place was still freezing. The fans weren’t moving the air correctly. So after about four seconds of thinking, I realized the problem was that the cold air in the living room had no way to get to the heat source in the kitchen. I turned one of he fans around and created a makeshift cold air return duct out of cardboard boxes

FIFTEEN MINUTES: that’s how long it took to heat the living room as soon as I set up the duct work.
Amazing eh?

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