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Merry Ditchmas

December 25, 2005

So, I got a lot of nifty stuff on Christmas eve, almost everything. Everything but sleep. After midnight mass we decided to head straight to South Dakota to spend Christmas day there. We left Deer River at about 2am. First I drove, all the way to the interstate 35. Next Jenn drove she made it almost all the way to the cities we switched again because it started to snow pretty hard then once we got down to Interstate 90 the roads were pure ice. I ended up driving for about four hours until all the snowing and icy roads were behind us. By this time I’m dead tired, so I switched off to Jenn. I get her going and I doze off in the passengers seat, about an hour later I am abruptly woken by one hell of a bumpy ride. By the time I get my eyes open the car has come to a stop and were seated perpendicular to the interstate in the median ditch.

Seconds later we were accompanied by the highway patrol who told us we were not allowed to call friends/family for assistance and if we couldn’t drive out we HAD to call a tow truck. I was pissed because I was sure that if I had Jenn give it gas while I pushed, we could be out in less than an hour. The pull out of the ditch cost 50$.
How about that! I drive four hours through Ice hell with zero visibility at 70MPH and manage to stay inside the fog lines. Jenn drives one hour in the sun at 55MPH (because she was SCARED) and “accidentally” drives into the ditch.

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