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April 19, 2006

It was Jenns Birthday last night. For her birthday I got her a dog, his name is Spackle

Actually I got the dog a few days before her birthday, and last night was the fist time we left him alone in the house. I decided to barricade him into the kitchen, I took a few 2 foot tall pieces of cardboard and put them up against the door way and put two large Rubbermaid containers behind the cardboard to hold it in place. Before I left I put the dog, his food, his blanket and a newspaper in the kitchen. when I got home I found a “dog present” in the back room and Spackle was in the dining room.

That means that he had to bypass the rear barrier to poop then again to reenter the kitchen and then around the side barrier to end up in the dining room. I had no idea how he did it until today when he fell asleep and I found these

Yup, he has wings, and therefore can fly.

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