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New Grill

May 6, 2006

A while ago Jenn was saying that we should get a grill. I thought it would be a good idea but I didn’t want to pay money for a stupid grill so I just kind of forgot about it. A while later I was parting out some old computers and when I was done I had a few empty metal cases. They were to big to jam into the trash cans at Wal-Mart and there was no way I was going to pay money to get rid of them so I just kind of forgot about them. Then recently I noticed that all my used motor oil was starting to pile up, so I took it over to Valvoline to get rid of it only to find out that they don’t accept used oil and I would have to drive across town to get rid of it. Well, I wasn’t about to pay money (for gas) to drive to the other side of town just to get rid of some stupid motor oil so I brought it home and just kind of forgot about it. Then just yesterday I had a rapid fire series of awesome Ideas.
Idea #1: Burn the oil.
Idea #2: Burn the oil in a metal coffee can outside so the house doesn’t burn down.
Idea #3: Grab an old computer case and set the can of burning oil on it so it is easier to watch.
Idea #4: Set another old computer case over the burning can of oil and cook on it

The result is brilliant. Now I have a grill so I don’t have to buy one, I don’t have to pay to get rid of my old computer cases, I don’t have to waste gas driving across town to get rid of old oil, and I’m saving money on my natural gas bill every time I cook with this thing instead of the stove. This is the ultimate cheap mans solution!

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