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September 25, 2006

I have been so unbelievably busy the last few months. I’m at work at least fifty hours a week, and if I’m not at work them I’m either at home resting or in Duluth working on the house. Two weekends ago we were in Duluth and we went to a wedding. While we were there Jenn threw my cell phone into a fountain (she claims it was an accident.) So now I get to wait another week for my new phone to show up.

Onto the reason I am writing this entry. I was reading the paper today and to my absolute shock, I found out that Ainsworth will be suspending operations in Cook in just two weeks. They will lay of one hundred fifty of about one hundred seventy employees. Unbelievable. The paper said the reason for the shutdown was “insufficient demand in the market”, I find this hard to believe. Here is a picture I took today of the building going up across the street from Freeze. No Joke.

If there is insufficient demand in the market, then why do I see Ainsworth OSB is everywhere I go?
There is no shortage of buyers.
Allen, Brian & Catherine Ainsworth are evil.

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