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International Super-Thief

April 15, 2007

I was at home the other day trying to watch one of my favorite tv shows but I keep getting interrupted by the slamming of my neighbors door. Frustrated because I couldn’t hear what Cartman was saying, I grabbed my shoes (to throw at the noisy bastards) and opened my door. my neighbors were half way down the stairs with their couch, so I spared them a shoe pummeling and asked what they were doing. Turns out they were moving. A few days after they were gone I realized their apartment was open so I went in. I started looking around and noticed that the fridge was like twenty years newer than the one in my apartment. The next day I was back with a dolly and five minutes later I had a new fridge.

After I had moved the old fridge to the other apartment I went to put the dolly in my truck but I got sidetracked by the note on my neighbors cars gas door.

so I stole all their gas, and went to bed
what an awesome day.

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One Response to “International Super-Thief”

  1. allen –
    where have you been?
    why are you not blogging??
    did you get arrested?
    are you in a turkish prison?

    are you restricted from blogging there?

    we’re all dying to hear about your next super thief story.

    Posted by: Jenny on May 29th, 2007 at 11:36 am