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Last Day

May 25, 2007

Today was my last day at work. During my exit interview I was accused of stealing company property and being on drugs. When I asked what kind of reference I could expect they said none, and on my way out they didn’t let me take any of my things. They said they would mail everything to me, It’s clear to me now that I should have called the cops.

I offer the following advice to those of you who still work there:

get out before the evil retarded logo monster gets you.

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One Response to “Last Day”

  1. lolz @ the logo monster…

    Dude…tough stuff man. Heard about your troubles there and the website and what happened because of the website…bummer.

    If you didn’t hate SW MN so much, I could probably get a job lined up for you in the fall :-P

    Posted by: Benny_A on July 16th, 2007 at 9:39 am