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No Trees

December 27, 2008

About a month ago I came home and found a notice on my apartment door. I looked down the hall and saw that everyone else had the same notice on their doors. Here is the relevant part.

What the hell? This really pissed me off. I pulled out my rental lease and gave it a quick read through and there was no mention of not allowing real Christmas trees. So what, they think they can just make up new rules on the fly? whats next? no pumpkins on Halloween? no hard boiled rabbits on Easter? What a bunch of crap. So I called my parents and asked them to find me a small Norway pine tree and bring it down on thanksgiving. here it is.

The funny thing is I wasn’t even planning on having a tree this year.

UPDATE: we ended up keeping the tree all the way into March when all the needles fell off.

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