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Car bearing

April 18, 2009

The front right axle bearing in my car has been getting louder and louder over the past few weeks so I figured I’d better replace it before my wheel falls off or something. I called Goodyear to see how much it would cost to have the whole thing done for me, they said it would be about $500. I figured I could beat that. I started by pulling off the wheel, then the caliper, then the rotor, I unbolted the steering knuckle and pressed the axle out of the knuckle. I don’t have the tools to press out a bearing so I took the steering knuckle to Goodyear and they did it for $50. Here it is just before I started to reassemble everything.

It took 6 hours to get everything apart and about an hour to get it back together. I’m sure the auto shop could have done it faster, but I did it cheaper.

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